Here’s a clip of the first single off Born and Raised, called “Shadow Days.” I’m excited to share the first bit of sound from the album… Been looking forward to a post like this since October 14, 2010, the first day I started writing this group of songs. Enjoy.

awesome! john mayer has gone full circle..done pop, blues…now country!!

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there are moments in life 

we don’t understand

we struggle, we (tussle) wrestle and fight

for the things out of our hands

some days the sun shines on everything we do

we’re smiling we’re happy its bright

and everything goes right


2 verses complete, kinda dark this song lol…friday morning riff turned into verses…chorus etc to go… HERE’S A SAMPLE!



“I Can’t Make You Love Me/Nick of Time” (studio verson)

by Bon Iver // from the Calgary single

Originally by Bonnie Raitt

Awesome!! Bon iver should sing more ballads!!

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"1 TB, it’s one tetra byte…"

- Larissa Ocampo

I want today to go as slow as possible, once again the weekend has flown (i even had friday off!)

Had fun at the footy yesterday even if essendon lost (4 losses in a ROW)! I wanted a win, surrounded by cocky and annoying little north supporters, some good banter was had with the old man next to me though!!

Etihad stadium is great; even on level 3 anywhere before row j and on thr wing you can still everything (i was level 3, aisle 17, row g seat 18). That is enough about footy, i dont think its a form slump, just not good enough yet!

Off to church soon, a lot of meetings today, but hopefully a lot more of God!! Have a blessed sunday everyone!


Whoah. Been ages…

Yeah, still up…i have the day off tomorrow, my back is sore, i don’t think its work related, more of a cold coming on i think…

A lot of things have changed in the last couple of months and basically the start of 2011 has been really good. New job, money (for once) and just getting older, more responsibilities, new exciting things i want to do, people around me getting older, some changing their goals and traveling, some staying the same, some striving to be better and some just trying to get out of the cold.

Work - i  am enjoying the challenge of waking up really early everyday, my body clock is stuffed but at work i am very supported and i think i finally feel i fit in and know my way in the operating suite. Being able to scrub and scout for what i know think are simple operations such as tonsils and eye lid cases to the harder ones such as FESS (look it up :P) Septoplasty’s etc. It has given me confidence early in my nursing career. The thing is though i get sick very easily (my back for example), i think im getting used to the early waking i am just really tired after a day of work, i need to exercise more, so i plan to soon (its just too cold lol), i think i will get used to it in time, but at the moment i struggle some days.

future -  What i have already learnt is: I don;t think i want to stay in the hospital setting for too long, i dont like the hierarchy that’s there (but i guess that’s in all jobs). I don;t mind the shift work but i do not want to work full time…it just makes the weekends too short to catch up on all the things you want/NEED to do, and there isnt ME time or developing yourself or filtering yourself time, its something i miss from UNI days when you had so much time to DO NOTHING.

I want to TRAVEL, duh. I know nursing can help me do that. I want to go to all the biggest and best soccer stadiums of the world, watch Liverpool play at Anfield on a European Night, any night/ day. I want to go to Barcelona and the Nou Camp and watch a game there. Wembley, watch a cup final. Watch an international match. Go to the World Cup once in my life. But after all the sporting stuff, i just want to see the world, see and meet people of different cultures and places. After all that. (Maybe even before i do all that) I want to volunteer for a bit, use my skills and job and put it into real practice. What ever comes first, i think my goals are clear for me at the moment, I am very happy in who i am at the moment, the people in my life and the job i have. I look forward to the future, a future hopefully full of health, travel, inspiring people, inspiring places, sporting events, concerts, love :o lol, and most of all God’s will for my life fulfilled.

I know coz of my back i should be resting, but this verse has got me thinking and wanting to find out the answers…Matthew 5:48

Be perfect, therefore, as your heavenly Father is perfect.

To put it simply. Does God want us to be perfect, and if so, how? I will spend the weekend figuring this out and hopefully share it with the BASIC leadership team before they all LEAVE ME to go on holidays. (jealous! i am lol)

I’ll end here for now, i will be blogging more, music wise ive been recording a bit :)

Take care all!


Dream your dreams but don’t pretend 
Be friends with what you are 
Give your heart then change your mind 
You’re allowed to (throw) it 
Cause God knows it’s been done to you 
And somehow you got through it 


he has done it again!!!!!!!!


"Transform Me" - song i wrote for BASIC’s upcoming youth camp - BE TRANSFORMED!! Only 8 days to go!!!

**just a snippet**